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Little Extras in AW 6.5


Did you know the AW 6.5 now supports the use of full-colour desktop icons? I stress desktop icons to make it plain I do not mean the icons you use to build your flow! Those who like to use the new XP icons will love this feature. MicroAngelo is the favourite tool for editing your icons.


Did you know Authorware 6.5 has a new spell checker? Hmmm. Missing from the documentation is it? Well “Gee whizz” I hear you say. Before you dismiss it as insignificant, take a lool at it. Open an existing AW 6.5 file and launch the spell checker by selecting Xtras > Spelling, or Alt+X+S and have a play. In particular, take a look at what is hiding behind the options button. Phonetic suggestions anyone.

P.S. …

More ammunition for those that say Flash is the answer to every problem. Flash has no spell checker 😉


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New stuff for Authorware – alMessageBox

Do these guys never stop? Andrew Poulos and Apurva Lawale have a little production line of great u32s for Authorware. Their most recent addition is alMessageBox, a great little utility that offers more power than the in-built MessageBox KO and functions of Authorware 5 and 6. “it displays a message box, much like a normal message box, except that you get an additional 16 icons to choose“.

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Earthquakes? In ENGLAND?

Manchester in the UK has been victim to (at last count) over 40 earthquakes in the last month! All are of small magnitute, but big enough to scare people out of their high-rise offices and homes. I found an interesting link that tries to reassure us “Though they are unusual, earthquake swarms have happened before in other regions of the UK”.

But the UK is not used to such seismic activity – some people in Manchester are going to be worried right now.


Map of recent quakes

Manchester University has excellent maps and information

Keele University has even more information

Incidentally if you view the map above, you may be interested to learn that I live very close to the red spot that is above and to the left of Blackburn.

A few weeks ago there was a larger quake in Dudley, near Birmingham “which caused minor damage to chimneypots and a church spire”. This was at around 1 am. I was in bed – and it’s a rare thing thing for me to be asleep so early! My bed was rocking and furniture rattling and they woke me up. Dudley is over 100 miles away!

We are not used to this sort of thing in the UK. At this rate we could beat Los Angeles into the sea!

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Thought for the day

Insignificance has an important place in our lives.

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Authorware 6.5 – Wincontrols help update

Andrew Poulos of Apixel fame has kindly revised his help file for Winconrols. This help file fully documents the Wincontrols u32 complete with all the updates in Authorware 6.5. This is a must-have document. Get it while it is hot!!

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TAAC 7 Updates

From Mark Henry of Rampant Lion Interactive, Inc.

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we’ve completed some great

updates to the
TAAC7 website:

Here’s a small sampling of what we have available:

• Download TAAC7 Presentations and Keynotes

    (select resourses->downloads)

• Share with us your opinions in our hand-dandy TAAC7 Survey

• Missed TAAC7? Don’t fret, checkout the TAAC7 Videography

• Need to see, before you buy? Download the Videography Sampler

As always, great stuff from Mark!!!

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Handy Windows shortcuts

This is a handy set of Windows shortcut tips from Paul Glizow.

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