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EuroTAAC :: Authorware and eLearning conference

Thursday 25 March to Saturday 27 March 2004.

EuroTAAC is the premier conference in Europe for Authorware and all things eLearning

Each year EuroTAAC brings together some of the best talent in the world to share their expertise in a wide range of topics. In 2003, for instance, presentations included:-

• Creating professional graphics for your eLearning using Fireworks

• The Top 10 Blunders in Developing E-Learning and How to Avoid Them

• An introduction to creating Authorware Extensions

• Extending Databases – how to create and utilise a database for dynamic courses

• Standards for exchanging data with LMSs

• Self-updating Authorware executables

• Building a dynamic application using sub-routines and script functions in 6.5

• 3D in Authorware

• Quality in e-Learning

• Authorware and the OS security issues

• The security associated with Authorware in a web browser.

• Data-driven Wizardry: Uses of Dynamic Data in Authorware

• Authorware Accessibility: Issues, Guidelines and Solutions

• collaborative systems in Authorware

• Interactive simulations for training

EuroTAAC also offers classes from some of the most respected Authorware developers and trainers in the World. This year EuroTAAC is offering:

Authorware Scripting 1 Monday 22nd March to Wednesday 24th March, 2004

Facilitated by: Joe Ganci, DazzleTech DazzleTech.

JavaScript for Authorware Monday 22nd March to Wednesday 24th March, 2004

Facilitated by: Dan Clinger, DazzleTech DazzleTech.

Extending Authorware – Building Commands, Knowledge Objects, and other Extensions Monday 29th March to Wednesday 31st March 2004

Facilitated by: Chris Swenson, DazzleTech.

E-Learning Project Management from Soup to Nuts Monday 29th March to Wednesday 31st March 2004

Facilitated by: Joe Ganci, DazzleTech.

Who should attend?

Teachers – those who teach students to use tools like Authorware for eLearning and other multimedi tasks.

Students – those who wish to learn not only how to use Authorware but to learn about some of the amazing things that it can do. You will also learn about how to integrate Authorware with LMS and LCMSs, databases and more. If you want to find out about eLearning standards (AICC ,SCORM …) EuroTAAC is the place to come.

Managers – do you manage a team that produces eLearning? Or are you responsible for purchasing eLearning tools, products or expertise? Well EuroTAAC is a great place to come to get contacts and to see what the market has to offer.

Developers – learn from the best Authorware developers in the World. Se what amazing things that can be done with Authorware. Not enough? See how easy it is to extend Authorware so that it can be utilised in an amazing array of tasks.

Attendees come from all over Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America and Australia to attend EuroTAAC! EuroTAAC is the best place in Europe to learn about Authorware and all things eLearning.

I look forward to seeing you at EuroTAAC in Edinburgh in March!

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TAAC 8, Macromedia’s Eye View

Aaron Jones was one of several Macromedia employees to attend this year’s TAAC conference. Aaron was good enough to take the time to write an article describing his experience there.

Well done Aaron, no longer a TAAC virgin 🙂

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Authorware finally gets a presence on DevNet!

Thanks to Amy Blankenship and Andrew Chemey for writing these cool articles for Authorware posted to the AW devnet page.

Andrew’s article discusses creating AICC and SCORM compliant courses with Authorware. Amy’s is a tutorial showing how you can use Fireworks to create great graphics for your Authorware courses.

Thanks to you both!

Oh – and please note there are several other great articles there too!

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Want to put Flash in your Windows Pocket PC PDA?

Recently I was asked to put together a demo of a work aid tool to be used on a Pocket PC PDA.

The breif was simple. It needed to:

• work on Pocket PC

• be as lean as possible

• run from RAM or from a memory card, not via the Web

• run full screen

• be a simple, proof of concept memory aid, used as a ready reference that supplimented existing training.

After a little pain ( I don’t enjoy working with Flash), the end result was a simple little XML-driven application. I have a version of it here, scaled to 480×640 for PC users, and a second version designed to run on Pocket PC, scaled to fit into the standard Pocket IE window. Note that the scaling means it is smaller than designed, as the real thing runs full-screen using Macromedia’s Standalone Player for Pocket PC.

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More PDA joy

I ordered a new PDA. There was nothing wrong with my old one, but I wanted more. Faster processor. More RAM. Integrated Wi-Fi. Now my PDA is fully connected to my home wireles LAN. I can send/receive emails, surf the Net, get files from my local machines, even control my server, all from the comfort of my bedroom, the yard … anywhere.

Or I can go to Starbucks 🙂

If you care, this is what I bought – Toshiba E755

Here is what I should have bought – Toshiba E805! It has a larger screen, higher resolution (480×640), VIOP, text to speech, voice commands. … wow, PCs were not this good 5 or 6 years ago!

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TAAC 8, been and gone

I couldn’t make it to TAAC this year 😦 Too busy between work and studies. By all accounts TAAC was a little quieter this year than of late, although no less informative or fun!

I see Mark has links to all previous year’s TAAC presentations. Hopefully he will be able to get this year’s presentations up soon.

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EuroTAAC 2004 is in Edinburgh

EuroTAAC :: Authorware and eLearning conference

Thursday 25 March to Saturday 27 March 2004.

EuroTAAC is the premier conference in Europe for Authorware and all things eLearning

Latest News – EuroTAAC 2004

Where is EuroTAAC 2004?

I have decided to return to the beautiful Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, Scotland (I took it there in 2002). Make a note in your diary – 22-27 March 2004, with the main conference taking place on 25-27 March. I am also planning post-conference training this year. Look out for further announcements soon.

EuroTAAC 2004. Go on! You know you want to!

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Authorware 7.01 released

Macromedia has released an update to Authorware 7 that addresses a number of bugs discovered after AW 7 was released.

You can get the update from here http://www.macromedia.com/support/authorware/download.html

And there are extensive release notes here:-


Probably the most exciting improvement is the inclusion of the ability to update files from Authorware 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 6.0 and 6.5 directly to Authorware 7

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Useful stuff from Joshua Burkholder

Joshua Burkholder is one of the most talented AW developers about. He is also quite the Flash expert. Joshua has posted a number of useful files on hos web site


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Using Authorware to extract CAB files

Have you ever wanted to extract files from a cabinet file (.CAB) using Authorware. alCabinet.u32 does just that – extract a file(s) from a .CAB. It’s free and it’s available from:


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