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Authorware 7.01 released

Macromedia has released an update to Authorware 7 that addresses a number of bugs discovered after AW 7 was released.

You can get the update from here http://www.macromedia.com/support/authorware/download.html

And there are extensive release notes here:-


Probably the most exciting improvement is the inclusion of the ability to update files from Authorware 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 6.0 and 6.5 directly to Authorware 7


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Useful stuff from Joshua Burkholder

Joshua Burkholder is one of the most talented AW developers about. He is also quite the Flash expert. Joshua has posted a number of useful files on hos web site


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Using Authorware to extract CAB files

Have you ever wanted to extract files from a cabinet file (.CAB) using Authorware. alCabinet.u32 does just that – extract a file(s) from a .CAB. It’s free and it’s available from:


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Video Magic in Authorware

alVideoMagic released. Have you ever wanted to play one video within another video, aka

“picture in a picture”? No, well try Apixel’s new u32 – maybe it will change your mind 🙂

alVideoMagic is a 32 bit UCD that uses DirectX 9 to play a secondary video within a primary video. It’s pretty neat if not overly useful.

It’s free and it available from:


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Authorware and SCORM

It was brought to my attention that Macromedia has the following article on their site. Nice to see an AWARE related item (SCORM)


This is an excellent article form Sharon Brown.

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Internet explorer changes to affect plugins

If you haven’t read about the changes coming to Internet Explorer, you should have a good read of Macromedia’s take, and their suggestions on how to work around the changes


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