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Clearing space for an extra goat pasture

Our goats are pregnant, and they are due to produce their kids in the next few weeks. We live on 6 acres, and most of that land is overgrown so i decided it was time to clear some extra space so we can expand the goat pasture.

First thing I found was a machete embedded in one of the trees.

The undergrowth is pretty thick.

Trash everywhere.

… including this old Sharp radio.

Can you see the truck yet?

Here it is!

It’s going to take a little while before I can excavate the entire truck. For a start it is well ensconsed in the undergrowth. But also, it’s about 10 feet way from the intended pasture.

As I look around, I see that there seem to be wheels scattered as far as 100 feet from the truck. I doubt there’s anything usable in the truck anyway, but it looks like it has been dismantled and strewn around.

Over the last 4 years I have extracted numerous car jacks, tyres, wheels, chairs and countless other items of trash. But we have around 3 acres of overgrown land like that shown in the pictures above. Frankly, we are a little scared of what we might find…

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