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The new custom variables in Adobe Captivate 4 make it fairly easy to capture, store and display your users name. Once stored you can also add the name to the Certificate widget and use it in many other ways. It is not immediately obvious just how you might achieve this, so I put together a quick demo that should show you all you need to know.

Click this image to view the full demo.

Click this image to view the full demo.

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I’ve seen a number of people asking about the Coursebuilder extensions that are installed to Dreamweaver CS4 in the Adobe eLearning Suite. Specifically, people have been trying to find out what is different between this version of Coursebuilder, and the version that was available a few years ago.

So I asked the Adobe engineers who have worked on this, and this is the response I got:-

The Course Builder in eLS has loads of new features, following is the list of new features added

3 new Interaction types

  • Matching – Drag and drop, Combo box type.
  • Sequence Interaction
  • Likert Interaction

SCORM 1.2 and 2004 Compatibility
All the interactions support SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 along with AICC. The selection can be made in the tracking tab. Based on the setting in the tracking tab, Actions in the action manager can be selected for tracking the score.

Compatibility with Different Browsers
The New Course Builder supports the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

New look and feel
The Interactions carry new icons and the Course Builder Wizard does not carry the legacy scroll bar.

So there you have it, from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

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It’s time for some information sharing. I’ll be at the eLearning Guild’s Annual Gathering this week.

On Wednesday I’m doing a session on Adobe’s eLearning Suite. My session number is 408 and the title is “Adobe e-Learning Suite – A Whistle-stop Tour of Favorite Features“. According to the online schedule, you will find me in the Camellia room.

On the same day I’m making an early start (7:15!), as I am facilitating one of the Breakfast Bytes Discussion Groups. My topic is “Mobile Learning, How Will New Technologies Affect Your Thinking?” and you’ll find me in the Narcissus room. Hmm. Should I be reading something into the room name?  🙂

Finally, on Friday morning I’ll be moderating one of the Espresso Learning Activities tables. The table discussion is “Bridging the Gap Between Page Turning and Learning Engagement“.  The subtext of the title is:

• We walk before we can run – we page turn before we engage.
• What does learner engagement mean to you?
• Creating learner engagement doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming.

Come and chat with me on table 15.

I’m looking forward to learning from everyone else at the conference. The eLearning Guild always put on a great show, and they attract some of the best eLearning experts in the World, so I am honoured to be able to rub shoulders with them and be able to learn from them all.

If you see me  at the conference, come and say hi.

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