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I’ve been busy recently, so you have had to suffer another one of my blogging dearths. Fear not dear reader, I’m still here, hale and hearty and in one complete piece.

Adobe Learning Summit

I’m speaker at this years Adobe Learning Summit, where I will be talking about the value that Adobe brings to the eLearning Suite by adding integration between the various tools. Since I am a developer, not a teacher or Instructional Designer, this topic is close to my heart. I don’t claim to be expert in many tools, but I do have to dip my feet into many and various tools in order to do my work. The integration on the eLearning Suite can improve my workflow significantly.


In the last couple of years I have travelled to San Jose for the eLearning Guild‘s DevLearn conference. With each visit, I learn more, I network more, and I become more impressed by the professionalism and organisational brilliance of the eLearning Guild team. This is a great conference, with its heart firmly set in eLearning, and a solid bias towards the more technical aspects of eLearning (tools and technology) rather than the teaching aspect. That’s not to say that there’s nothing there for Instructional Designers, teachers and managers, just that DevLearn is a great conference for people like me who are tasked with making the technology do what the educators need.

I will be speaking at Devlearn

I will be speaking at Devlearn

This year, I am also speaking at DevLearn, where I will talk about some of my favourite features in the Adobe  eLearning Suite. This is a similar session to the one I presented at the Annual Gathering earlier this year, though it will be updated to reflect my more recent experiences.

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