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Pocketblogger works!

Here I sit in the garden

OK maybe I fibbed, l am actually lying on the couch – but I am blogging from my PDA!.

I’ll be trying this again in Blackpool!

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Sorry for the silence …

We just moved house and communication has been difficult, d@mn Bellsouth

Plus I have had a busy patch with work.

The dry patch will continue next week as I fly back to Britain – for the first time since May last year – for this year’s EuroTAAC conference. Have you booked your ticket yet? There’s still time if you are quick, although international travel could be a bit of a pain to organise this late in the day.

We should have wireless internet connection available in all the conference rooms so I hope to be able to sneakily post the occasional blog message, but no promises!!! I am going to see if I can get something working with my PDA so I can post things using that, then I can leave my laptop out of the way most of the time. First try will be Pocketblogger.

Normal blogging service should resume when I return from Britain.

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